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We ae a group of blokes that just love the footy. We have been involved giving the fans of thefooty free email addresses since 1999. Over the last year, our community dropped away but we kept delivering the news on our old site. We have now moved away from the old site and am now looking at delivering something new, exciting and free. We hope to find like minded souls to share this space on the internet.

We deliver our insight on the news and try to keep up to date with the latest scores and results. We want our users to do the same. At the moment our registered users can interact on our forum, and we will over time be offering trusted users to become owners of their own blog. Before that we will also be offering free classifieds to our members, to enable a free exchange of goods and services and to get people away from paying the fees of EBAY.

In our heights, we had over 990 members with free email addresses. We have now refined our list, and free email addresses will still be available.

We do ask that you support this site clicking on the Various Ads on the site. We do this site as a hobby and just seek your support to keep it ongoing.

All images and articles not provided by THEFOOTY.com team, are publicly available and shared on the internet and belong to the copyright owner. These images and articles are used without the express written permission of the copyright owner, and at no stage does thefooty.com assert any ownership or such permission. Where possible and/or known,  we attribute the proper owner of the article/image.

Articles are seen as shared by their use on Twitter, Facebook and the social networking sites as well as on RSS Feeds. If the owners want their articles/image removed from this independent hobby site, please feel free to contact webmaster@thefooty.com
THEFOOTY.com requires very little personal information for you to inteact on our site. We ask for your email address to send member veification to. These details are not used for any other purpose other than member verfication. Your IP address is recorded while on site, as an identifier for our stats program.
Your personal details will never be asked for, and your email address is never given out or displayed on site.

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