Friday, August 8, 2014

The Farrah Football Follies

How long is a footy drama? As long as someone is prepared to stir the pot.....

The Robbie Farrah Wests Tigers saga, just keeps getting the pot stirred and growing with life every day. Farrah's love-in with Phil Gould last night, was a contrived event to finish it, but the very next day we see two more returns of serve back. One from a Balmain legend, Steve Roach who has just had a gutful while Gordon Tallis the original Farrah protagonist rightly pointed out of Triple M in his final comments on the matter that Farrah had not come out in public support of coach Mick Potter until Tallis's reveal all comments.

The Footy Show Love-In last night did not help matters one little bit. In fact, it heightened questions on integrity of many other people now, notwithstanding the sympathetic line of questioning from Phil Gould.  Ok, he asked some tough questions about the departure of Tim Sheens, Benji Marshall and Beau Ryan? He blindly accepted his answers...WHAT?

What I took from it, was again someone walking the tightrope of fact and fantasy. What has been missed is the blatant lie Farrah told at the press conference where he stated that HE DID NOT SAY THAT TO GORDIE. Now the statement is watered down to being old and so many things have changed in that time. He lied...that's simple.

Body language is a huge way in which we communicate, and for "such great mates" that Farrah has made himself out to be with Mick Potter, their body language does not reciprocate at all. They always look tense, uneasy and mistrusting. (once again a perception, I know but one that is obviously picked up by others as well)

I agree with Tallis when he suggested that Farrah did not publicly support Potter until Tallis revealed the conversation. Farrah had control of this all the time. Consistent public messages of support to Potter, would never have given the story legs and if needed exposed the inaduqaceies of the leadership of the club itself.

The final question ( or was it a statement) that it seemed that Farrah went to great pains to stay out of the drama yet found himself embroiled in it...was simply laughable. If it had happened once, then maybe we could accept that. But Farrah has been embroiled in each of the situations Wests Tigers have found themselves in.

I have always found that where drama seems to surround a player or a person in business, look for the common denominator.....and that is...... I will let you draw your own conclusions.

But was also highlighted last night, was the continued swipes at Tallis. Coming again from Beau Ryan, he spoke about the sanctity of "private conversations". All that inferred to me was how rampant back-stabbing and talking behind other people's back must be in the NRL. And to have the panel, almost unanimously shake their heads in approval was evidence of that.

Rugby League has more than it's share of political manoeuvring and this again highlighted this. WOW.

And what about serious faced Beau who looked down the camera and declared the position of the CEO is in some jeopardy. Why would anyone listen to you Beau? Stick to the funny man routine, or was this part of that?

I don't know these people but perceptions are built on what we see. Childish behaviour, lack of leadership, political and power plays. Seriously, is this what the NRL is being reduced to.

I do know something. It is not a good look. Its time for change

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