Friday, May 17, 2013

AFL Preview Round 8

The AFL bump has come under attack with varied responses from players, coaches and experts. 2 incidents on the weekend resulted in suspensions and reference was made to the Thomas bump a few weeks ago and how lucky he escaped suspension. Personally I thought they were a bit different. The game is a lot cleaner than 20 years ago, that’s for sure but we need to be careful that we don’t make it a game of touch footy! Some interesting games to tip this week and my 5 last week, after a 9 the week before, is an indication of both inconsistency in form and stupid tipping! J

Round 8


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

AFL Review Round 7

Geelong  17.11.113 defeated Essendon 11.19.85

This was quite a good game up to half time just before which the Cats had quickly replied with a few goals to take a small lead into the 3rd quarter. Either Essendon had tired or they just weren’t good enough but a mixture of inaccurate kicking and either of the other two reasons was enough to result in a reasonably comfortable Geelong win. That keeps the Cats undefeated and primed to play Collingwood next week while the Bombers play the Brisbane Lions and have a chance to fix some damage from this loss.


Port Adelaide 10.13.73 lost to Richmond 18.6.114

An awfully slow start by Port Adelaide, the same as they had against North Melbourne the week before, put them in an almost impossible position to win the game. Even with a couple of Richmond injuries the Tigers just kept the pressure on the Power and won by almost 7 goals. That win halted the Richmond ladder slide after 3 consecutive losses and also handed Port Adelaide their 2nd loss in a row. The Tiger’s have a great chance to consolidate with a game against the hapless Demons next week and the Power faces Carlton in another danger game for them.

Friday, May 10, 2013

AFL Preview Round 7

Author One week I am lamenting my poor tipping skills and the following week every tip is correct. Mind you it wasn’t a hard round of games from which to pick winners so it can be assumed that many tipsters scored well. In contrast to Round 6 we find this week’s fixture has 8 of the top 9 teams playing each other. Not only does that make picking winners a little harder but it means that winning teams outside the 8 get a chance to gain a game on the leaders. However, it also means that the teams outside the 8 play each other and with some being on a sort of level footing standard-wise then picking winners from those matches will also be tough. If you get an 8 or 9 this week you can beat your chest and stand proud!




Geelong V Essendon  at Etihad

Monday, May 6, 2013

AFL Review Round 6

Collingwood 15.13.103 defeated St Kilda 11.11.77

It took the Magpies half a game to shake off a determined Saints side and there’s nothing like a generous interpretation of rules to give a side a couple of easy goals which helped Collingwood maintain a reasonable lead. The loss of Lenny Hayes before the game didn’t help St Kilda’s chances either. The Collingwood back line did much better as did their centres and running players. The Saints will win a few more games this season but it’s going to be a tough year for them. They might have a better chance against Carlton next week and the Magpies fly to Perth to play Fremantle.


Essendon 17.18.120 defeated GWS Giants 12.9.81

Friday, May 3, 2013

AFL Preview Round 6

Sometimes no news is good news. The Essendon drug supplement story peters out then the newspapers make up some dodgy, juicy headlines and it’s game on again. Other than that…well I have found tipping to be hard this season because I am reading things into games that don’t really seem to be there. Wanting to pick the upsets is not smart tipping when the result is going to be obvious. There will be upsets but I was expecting a few more at the start of the season. Last week the score was 7, best effort so far. We will improve. In the meantime stay away from my picks unless they are obvious. Good luck.



Collingwood V St Kilda at the MCG

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