Thursday, March 7, 2013

You Have to be Kidding!

I have just read up on the latest on the Sharks saga....all I can say is that the whole thing is a joke. But just in case you missed it. We have currently 14 players being asked to admit to takin performance enhancing drugs in 2011. Of course they have refused. This "evidence" has come from a whistleblower.

The other evidence is clear.

  • No tests showing drug use
  • The substances claimed to have been given, were NOT even on the banned substance list at the time of the alleged offence.
This is a total joke. Do players/coaches and clubs now have to safeguard future additions. Does all it take is one whistle blower to pass judgement....

What this is really showing, and along with the Lance Armstrong fiasco, is that official drug agencies really have no idea or methodology to stop uses of cheating with drugs. They are now relying on the schoolyard snitch to force guilty admissions. What a joke!

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