Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dugan : Painful to say the least

Australia has heaps of people sitting on barstools who coulda......we have a world of talented alcoholics. It would appear that Josh Dugan is hell-bent on joining them. The world of creative and talented people who put more energy into their excuses than into fulfilling their talent.

The Brisbane Broncos have walked away from Dugan after his latest rant on Instagram where he berated and belittled fans who have reacted poorly to a Dugan shot on the social network. The fan rants appeared to be aimed at Dugan selfish approach and how he had let the Canberra fans down. Dugans rants appeared self-deluded and were personal attacks. Dugan claims he has been bullied. The simple answer is get off all social networks Josh. Don't put yourself in a position where fans can and will taunt you. It really is that simple.

Overall the best advice for Josh. Pull your head in. Put that talent of your alongside discipline, focus and a service approach to your team and your fans and you may just become an NRL great. If not, be prepared to be an image of the above, drunk, pissing himself after telling anyone who would listen how good you could have been .....the choice is yours NOW.

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