Thursday, February 7, 2013

What will come out of the Black Day in Sports?

I'm sitting here on the alleged "Black Day" of Australian Sports, listening to the responses and the allegations and just wondering what will become of this. We don't seem to have clear names or clubs linked with this report.It just seems to be a very general allegations broad based against all Australian Sports,  I'm wondering, if this indeed does not live up to the hype that is being played out in the media, will all Australian Sports receive an apology?

One of the clear bits of evidence in the reports is the market of these drugs has increased being detected at the border amongst many other measures. Logically, this should be an indicator that the use is going undetected in sports. It also means we have a huge recreation problem with our gym junkies and body builders.

Peptides, Human growth Hormone.....One thing this really does place into question is the effectiveness of our drug testing processes. We keep getting told that our testing is world's best practice, but somehow WIDESPREAD use of performance enhancing drugs has now been found in our sports....How does this happen?

I do find it bewildering that many of the expert guests on FOXSPORTS keep talking about people to turn themselves in and not to wait for the tap on the shoulder. If the report can claim that the use is widespread, then surely they don't need people to come forward?

"The ACC has found, on the basis of a limited and focused examination of one component
of the PIEDs market, that the market has evolved significantly in recent years to include
peptides and hormones."

I'm not sure what to think. Has this been backloaded off the Lance Armstrong case? Do our sports really have a widespread problem. I would be stupid to think that every individual in every sport is clean. I would like to think we have some isolated incidents where individuals have tried to gain an upper hand by doing the wrong thing. I'll let you make your own judgement.

Download the report here.

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