Monday, October 1, 2012

NRL Grand Final Review

The Melbourne Storm are the 2012 Premiers after defeating the Canturbury Bankstown Bulldogs 14-4 in a gripping, enthralling encounter in front of almost 83,000. The game was dominated by defence and was also marred by a biting allegation, but will be remembered as one of the great encounters.

The Storm dominated possession and when the Bulldogs did manage to get their hands on the ball, the Storm either swarmed their attacking line, or charged up wide and out of the line to cut it off. However, despite this Ben Barba found open space on occassions and always looked dangerous. The Storm's attitude in defence ensured that when Barba did find space, defenders cut off his runners and ultimately shut the movement down.

Englisman James Graham will be on the end of all post game news, with a biting allegation against him. TV cameras appeared to show farly conclusively this. The Englishman is seen to have had a brain explosion during the heat of a minor fracas, but it will cost him dearly.

The Storm may not have been the best team all year, but they were considerably the better team on Grand Final Day. Well Done to the Storm.

@TheFooty Podcast Episode #001

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