Monday, September 24, 2012

AFL Review: Prelim Finals

Sydney 13.18.96 defeated Collingwood 10.10.70

Apart from Collingwood looking and playing pretty flat the Sydney Swans were magnificent, creating a bit of history finally winning after a long dry spell of games at ANZ Stadium. How much were the bookies paying for the Swans to win the premiership at the start of the season? No doubt a few Sydney supporters might be in for a nice payout should they get up next week because nobody else in their right mind would have placed any big bets on that result. While the Pies will not be using or mentioning the funeral of J-Mac as being an emotional drain it’s possible that a 6 day break and the service for a team mate could have left the players tired and a little dispirited. It’s understandable. Sydney didn’t leave any openings for Collingwood in this game and led from the early minutes and never looked like losing. They are a realistic chance next week against Hawthorn and probably one of 2 or 3 teams that can beat the Hawks in the Grand Final.

Hawthorn 13.19.97 defeated Adelaide 14.8.92

The Crows played this game as the tagged underdog and with nothing to lose and a Grand Final appearance to gain they almost pulled it off. They actually kicked more goals than Hawthorn but still lost the match! Remember that Adelaide finished 14th last season with just 7 wins so the turnaround has been nothing short of amazing. Whether the Hawks believed their own press and went into the game slightly overconfident I don’t know but they will need to play at their best next week to beat Sydney who is in red- hot form. Maybe the team balance was thrown out with the omission of Hodge with some stomach virus. I wonder if the Swans and the Hawks can kick the same scores next week that they got this week? Wouldn’t that be a fascinatingly exciting game?!

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