Thursday, July 5, 2012

Origin : Everything it Should be

Game Three!!! Queensland. Lets just hope that the newspapers today talk about the game that it was, and not focus on that Justin Hodges try. Queensland dominated the game in my eyes, but how good were NSW to hang in and almost steal the game.

NSW were more dangerous in attack when attacking the QLD line and were way more effective in that area than Qld. But as in all Origins, we saw the human element at play. Sam Thiadays poor first half display, especially in defence with his glaring miss on Josh Morris to set up the Blues first try, but Qld will be eternally grateful for Robbie Farrah dropping the ball in a simple play the ball without a hand being on him...and of course the refs made plenty of human errors...But we wont focus on them.

Great game, great series, the teams have never been closer...but history shows 7 series in a row. Its great to be a Qlder today.

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