Sunday, February 5, 2012

What a Start to Pre-Season

Well, Well, Well...Its great to be back here at and can I tell you, we have missed the actions and theatrics that have abounded around the NRL. And we havn't even started the season yet. So let's just have a quick look at some of the current headlines.
  • The All-Stars game was a great kick-off to the season with the Indigenous team giving up a 18-6 lead to go down 36-28 for the Artie Beetson Trophy. Great game played with plenty of passion and class.
  • The Manly Sea-Eagles are looking to sue their former coach Des Hasler
  • The lucrative dollars available to the league for exclusive mobile and digital rights seem to have evaporated based around a court decision favouring Optus to provide apps for their customers which allow broadcasting of games with as little as a 30 second delay.
  • Greg Inglis faces 6 weeks off, as he comes to terms with an injury sustained in the All-Stars game.
  • Sam Thiaday is talking tough, but looking flabby and unfit as he steps into the captaincy role at thr Broncos. The jury is well and truly out on his suitability and the public will surely pass early judgement on its success.
  • The season proper opens with the Saints and Knights on a THURSDAY NIGHT. WTF! The Eels play host to the Broncos on the Friday Night.
  • DAVID GALLOP still plays boss of the NRL.....???
The season is just about to kick off guys, here we go!!!

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