Saturday, September 24, 2011

Manly through! Locky's Gone!

In a game that had some real turning points, Manly became the first team through to the NRL Grand Final with a 26-14 victory over the Brisbane Broncos. The game really started poorly for the Broncos, as the referees continued with some absolute poor decision making early, gifting Manly two of the softest penalties to give them an absolute leg-up down the park which ultimately led to their first try. Many Bronco supporters would be struggling still to see what those penalties were for, but Manly 6-0.

At 6-0, the Broncos bombed a try with Dale Copley headbutting the ball out of Jack Reed's hands as he soared high to take a kick. Reed was in and Copley bombed it....this error compounded just minutes later when Copley again, knocked on just ten metres out from the Broncos try-line, to which Manly scored easily. Manly 12-0.

From here, it would take a colossal effort for Brisbane to get back into the game, and they fought valiantly, but Manly were never seriously threatened as try-saving tackles were made by Jamie Lyons, and others but ultimately Brisbane missed Lockyer, and Sam Thiaday never really stepped into the role. He gave away some silly penalties and simply was off the pace all night....

Manly should be without Steve Matai and Tony Williams, who were both placed on report, but will have Glen Stewart back for the decider.

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