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AFL Preview Round 22

Last week 6/8 = 123/163 (75.5%)
Yes many things have changed in the AFL. The game has become faster and the skills of the players are constantly under review as is their fitness and their strength. Last week we also saw the rule applied that you have to be nice to your opponent and his mum. Don’t niggle him or pinch his buttocks because one of the 50 cameras at the game will pick it up. Likewise don’t hit him in the back of the head when you go for a spoil. Don’t say anything about his colour or race because that’s racial vilification. Don’t mention his kids or his wife in derogatory terms and certainly, don’t say anything about his mum. What can you say about an opponent’s mother that would cause him to report you to the AFL and get you suspended and fined $2000? Here’s some possibilities although I imagine the actual comments might have been worse:
1. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. I’m sorry to bring your mother into this!
2. Your mum’s so poor I saw her chasing the garbage truck with a shopping list!
3. Your mum’s so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone!
4. Shut up. You’ll never be the man your mother is!
5. And the old favourite – Your mother wears army boots!

I imagine the insult spoken by McGinnity to Petterd is not among the ones listed above, but sheesh! My favourite one was in use when there was no penalty for hanging onto the ball after a mark or free kick and waiting for a team mate to make a move for a pass. As the seconds ticked by the yell would be: Kick it to your mother (or sister) she’s free! Any wags in the crowd now have to be really careful what they shout out lest they offend the sensibilities of players, umpires or the surrounding members in the crowd and cop a fine from the AFL or are banned from games! I’m not suggesting we go back to the lawlessness of years ago in the old VFL but the political correctness is rather irksome at times. In Australia we are so careful with not offending people from other races and cultures but I reckon it goes way over the top at times. Come to China or travel to Thailand and the Philippines and see whether the locals worry about offending the white foreigners. Over here they even have separate rules for us and entry to places or general costs are set higher for foreigners just to let you know that we are different! I was in the Bank Of China the other day wanting to do a simple $100 transaction and it took 3 hours! Yep, 3 hours. Then I was told if I had used my Chinese assistant and her name and ID to do the same transaction it could have been done over the counter in less than 10 minutes! We allow, no we welcome, foreign investment in Australia but the rules are way different in these countries. I’m sure it will all change when they conquer us.
There are a couple of tricky games to pick from this week starting with Friday night’s blockbuster at Etihad. Why is the game at Etihad? Does the AFL have too much money and can afford to keep 35,000 spectators away from a game? They did the same with the Collingwood V St Kilda game last Friday! Just curious.
Good luck.
Carlton V Hawthorn at Etihad Friday night
Certainly the game of the round this one with 3rd playing 4th. Waiting to swoop are the Eagles if they can put Essendon away and the Hawks beat the Blues. There are some nice match ups in this game – Judd, Mitchell, Hodge, Murphy. I think the Hawks have a bit more scoring power with Buddy and Rioli and any advantage in a game like this should be considered. Both teams showing great form so I suggest you tip the side you like the most or hate the least. I have.
Hawthorn by 10
Gold Coast V Adelaide at Metricon Saturday
With a resurgence by the Crows over the past 3 weeks under the coaching of Bickley it’s hard to pick the Suns to reverse their latest poor form. A 10 goal loss by Gold Coast to the Lions last week and who are having a poor season as well is not a good omen to pick them to win this game. We won’t.
Adelaide by 33
West Coast V Essendon at Patterson Stadium Subiaco Saturday
The Bombers are back to winning form but the Eagles have hardly lost it. Last time West Coast lost at home this season was in round 3 to Sydney. It should be a good game with a lot at stake. Essendon can firm their place in the 8 but West Coast may get the opportunity to steal 4th. Intriguing. Travelling to Perth is never an easy task and the Bombers will have to play a little above themselves to have a chance. Waters and Glass will be back for West Coast after they lost McGinnity for a mother of a reason.
West Coast by 22
North Melbourne V Fremantle at Etihad Saturday night
There is some significant importance to this game with both teams still a chance to make the finals. North is coming off a bye but Fremantle has lost its last 4 games. The game is at Etihad too, not a favourite haunt of the Dockers. Time to jump off the cliff with this one. Freo needs to give its supporters another year of finals.
Fremantle by 11
Collingwood V Brisbane at the MCG Saturday night
There’s not a lot of no-brainers in footy tipping although this season there has been plenty on offer with teams like Collingwood and Geelong not losing more than a game each. Another Magpie win even though players from Brisbane say they can win. Well why wouldn’t you? You have to believe you can win every game right? But at the end of the 3rd quarter when you are 10 goals down it can be hard to lift. Collingwood will be able to cover the loss of captain Maxwell in this match.
Collingwood by 66
Sydney V St Kilda at ANZ Stadium Sunday
The Saints and the Swans lost last week so there is no winning form going into the game for either team. The Saints didn’t do too badly against league leaders Collingwood but the Swans had a shocker against the Tigers. That’s probably enough to go with the Saints for this pick. Let’s hope no Saints player says anything derogatory to MUMford.
St Kilda by 19
Port Adelaide V Western Bulldogs at AAMI Stadium Sunday
The Bulldogs were thrashed last week and the Power was blacked out. Rodney Eade has been given his nickname – the rocket- by the Bullies and I might remind you that you read that here first a few weeks ago. It was always going to be so when the board at the Western Bulldogs said that the coach had their full backing. Only pride (and not a lot of it) to be salvaged here. Rocket has decided to blast off without coaching the last 3 games and Paul Williams will take over the reins. Another interim coach that can get a win on the board first up.
Western Bulldogs by 44
Melbourne V Richmond at the MCG Sunday arvo
It’s fitting that the game is being played Sunday late afternoon allowing the players to go to early morning church to pray for a win. The team that prays the hardest will win and Ricky’s mum will be in the members stand after suffering some insults last week in Perth. It should make the difference for the Demons although a draw would be a fitting result. Plus it would be nice if Viney, another interim coach, can get his first win with the Demons since taking over from Bailey.
Melbourne by 12

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