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AFL Review Round 16

AFL Review Round 16
Lots of rain in northern China at the moment. Actually there seems to be a lot of rain all over the country with the southern provinces really copping it. The mud here is diabolical. You can get away with doing some real weird stuff here because everybody else does usually does something pretty weird as well at times. If it’s something new and people like it then it goes viral and soon everyone is doing whatever it is you decided to do. I ride a bicycle around the place and when it rains I ride my bicycle with my umbrella. Looks a bit like Mary Poppins but it keeps you dry regardless of how silly it looks. To keep the mud off your shoes while just walking to the shop I tied two shopping bags over them and walked around like that.A bit like the plastic bags the medical staff wear in a hospital operating theatre.
By the end of the week it was a fashion trend! Everything is copied or pirated here so I didn’t get a levy on the patent!!
West Coast 14.12.96 defeated Geelong 13.10.88
At one stage of this game the Cats were down to the Eagles by 40 points but were good enough to come right back into the game. West Coast held on and eventually won a good contest by just 8 points. It was Geelong’s second consecutive loss but it was a remarkable win for the Eagles. It’s hard to believe they finished last in 2010! If you read the West Australian newspaper they are talking premiership!! Yoiks! So was Geelong before they lost two on the trot. Well whoever can beat Collingwood will have a good chance.
Hawthorn 16.9.105 defeated Brisbane 9.9.63
The two major forwards Franklin and Brown both kicked 3 goals for their team and up to three quarter time the Lions were still in the game, just 15 points adrift. In the final quarter the Hawks put Brisbane to the sword kicking 6 goals to 1 and winning by 7 goals. The Hawks keep their position in the top 4 and the Lions maintain theirs in the bottom 3.
Sydney 15.16.106 defeated Gold Coast 4.12.36
Bolton was out for the Swans before the game started and Gold Coast Suns’ star recruit Ablett was injured in the first quarter. At half time Sydney led by 6 goals and really, it was going to be nigh on impossible for Gold Coast to make the margin respectable let alone win the game. A 6 goal to 1 goal second half sealed the Suns fate. Amen. It’s hoped that Ablett didn’t sustain a serious injury.
Essendon 15.15.105 defeated Richmond 9.12.66
The Bombers were 3 points down at the last change then allowed the Tigers to add just 3 points in the last quarter while they kicked 7 goals themselves. It was an impressive way for Essendon to finish a game and keep themselves in the 8 and as a result make the task of Richmond to get into the 8 even harder. Hardwicke said the game against the Blues last week was rubbish. The garbage game returned in the last quarter for the Tigers. James Hird is smiling again as his Bombers have put together two consecutive wins.
Collingwood 22.15.147 defeated North Melbourne 3.12.30
The really amazing stat in this game is that the Pies kicked only 4 goals in the 1st quarter. Then Collingwood kicked 6 goals for each of the next 3 quarters allowing an insipid North to kick just 3 goals for the whole game. It was an historical shellacking being the biggest margin between the teams since time immemorial! The Magpies keep rolling on and it will be interesting when they play another would-be contender in Carlton next week. North will not make the finals based on that performance.
St Kilda 17.7.109 defeated Port Adelaide 8.5.53
The Saints had kicked 2 goals in the 1st 90 seconds with one goal being from a free kick awarded to Reiwoldt before the ball was bounced. There was a bit of niggle right through the game and no doubt the AFL melee contribution tin will get a nice advance from some incidents. Milne and Reiwoldt both kicked 4 for the Saints and the team is now threatening the top 8. St Kilda is still good enough to beat 5 or 6 of the teams nestling in the top 8 and each time they beat one of those teams they will edge closer to finals. Port Adelaide is really down and out. Player stocks are young and inexperienced and they needed money to keep afloat. Where to from here? It will take time.
Western Bulldogs 14.12.96 defeated Carlton 9.15.59
What a pleasant surprise for the Bulldogs but a shock for tipsters and Blues supporters. It’s hard to say whether that win is enough to give the Bullies momentum to make a run for the 8 but there are enough games to be played so the opportunity is there if they can win most of them. Carlton is looking at 3 losses from 4 games as they play Collingwood next week.

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