Sunday, June 5, 2011

Keep Gallop Away

David Gallop annoys me. For the man charged with running, building and developing our game, he does a poor job. That is my opinion, and one that I am entitled to.

His latest excuse for a strategy, was to discuss moving State of Origin to Monday Nights. The fact that this occurred without any consultation from the fans and the players, indicates again, that Gallop believes he is bigger than the game.

The players have consistently said that State of Origin needs to stand alone. The Fans have said they want as much footy as possible, but moving away showpiece game to a Monday Night will do NOTHING to satisfy either parties.

I am a big believer in shortening our season. The NFL is the best example of a season that is spot-on with 17 weeks of regular play. Reduce the club season and clubs will increase revenue. Presently, clubs have many ho-hum games, giving fans the choice not to go for any number of reasons. Lessen the number of events will make each game more attractive to fans......The AFL doesn't suffer fools with its season, setting in well in advance, starting it three weeks after the NRL and concluding it one week before the NRL.... There's something in that David.

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