Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blues ALIVE!!

The NSW Blues resurrected State of Origin with a resounding 18-8 victory over Qld tonight. While the scoreline, may not suggest it, NSW never appeared likely to lose. They controlled the game better than Qld, and the much vaunted QLD attack was rarely sighted.

The defence of NSW brought quick defence into the face of the QLD runners, off the playmakers of Lockyer and Thurston, and in reflection the sweeping backline plays that QLD were famous for, cannot be remembered from this game. NSW strategy of running Qld, through inside runners then a shift, nullified the QLD big men, and the NSW took full advantage. In the end it was only QLD scrambling defence that saved the scoreline from becoming embarrasing.

Crucial errors were made by Harrison, Thiaday and Inglis and these errors provide costly in every instance. Qld didn't buckle under the pressure, but certainly didn't look composed and their attacking sets in the second half, lacked structure, organisation and impact.

For NSW, Paul Gallon was amazing and has revolutionized how front row will be played. He was a fitting Man of the Match, while Jamie Soward certainly shook the gorillas off his back in the biggest arena with a commanding display.

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