Monday, June 27, 2011

AFL Review Round 14

We are well and truly halfway through the season of home and away and finals are just a couple of months away. I certainly miss going to the games, something I had the privilege of doing last season quite a bit even getting to the Collingwood Grand Final win. I wasn’t sure how much I was missing the game until I found myself at the Saertu railway station just standing there listening to the train horns which sound fascinatingly the same as the siren at the MCG. It was an eerily comforting sound. Lots of Chinese people just stared at me because I was not catching a train but then again being stared at here is not unusual. As a matter of fact you get to miss it when you are asleep, that being the ONLY time you are not stared at!!
I just stare back and say hello in Chinese which usually cracks them up. Sometimes I really stare because of the unusual things I see and in your wildest imagination you would not believe what your eyes are witnessing. That’s not being critical that’s just saying it’s really, really different. Cultures, customs and language. It’s why I’m here. I’ve come to the conclusion that people here seem to be rude in our eyes because there are over a billion of them trying to do the same thing at the same time. Cross the road, shop at the supermarket, eat out at a restaurant, go to the park, catch a bus, hail a taxi, board a train, drink beer, all normal activities but there’s a crowd doing it wherever you are. Survival of the fastest here and there is no room for patience and manners. I was hoping to go to the beach for a break in summer but have been advised that the same plan has occurred to 300 million others. You probably can’t spread your towel out on the sand, you have to stand!!!
Not a bad week of tipping with 6 from 8. Not many would have got the Eagles correct and those that got 7 happened to select Melbourne over Richmond I guess.
Hawthorn 23.8.146 defeated Essendon 12.9.81
The Hawks blitzed the Bombers in the 2nd quarter setting up a 10 goal lead which was about the margin at the end of the game. Essendon suffered a few more injuries which they could ill afford but in general they were just not good enough. Hawthorn strengthened their position in the top 4 and the Bombers will lose their place in the top 8.
Western Bulldogs 17.08.110 defeated Gold Coast Suns 13.10.88
As expected the Bulldogs won with a half time lead of 34 points that was just too much for the Suns to peg back although they gave it a good shot in the last quarter. Gold Coast can take a lot more from that game that the Western Bulldogs who still look pretty fragile whenever they play.
Melbourne 17.16.118 defeated Richmond 13.13.91
While the final result may not have been surprising the margin certainly was with the Demons ahead for most of the day. The usual late surges by Richmond came in the last but Melbourne was able to hold on and as a result of the Essendon loss the Dees now find themselves in the top 8.
Collingwood 13.21.99 defeated Sydney 14.9.93
Here’s a game with the score board showing the losing team kicking more goals than the winning team. Atrocious kicking by for goal by Collingwood might account for the closeness of the result but the Swans, as usual, are very good in tight games. The Pies are one of the few teams to win after a bye so maybe the week off is really not such a good thing.
Fremantle 12.16.88 defeated Brisbane 10.5.65
The game was up for grabs into the last quarter and the Fremantle win was as much due to Pavlich’s dominance as Brisbane’s inexperience. Freo saved their place in the 8 and gained a little breathing space and without injuries one can only guess where the Dockers might be on the ladder.
Geelong 19.11.125 defeated Adelaide 10.13.73
The Cats entertained the home supporters with a mini massacre in the first quarter which extended to a 10 goal lead by the end of the 3rd quarter. The Crows outscored Geelong in the last but by that time the game was gone, well and truly. Geelong’s unbeaten run continues.
West Coast Eagles 15.13.103 defeated Carlton 10.7.67
The long winning run of Carlton has come to an abrupt end surprisingly at the hands of West Coast, a team most thought, including me, was not up to this standard. The Carlton forward line was non-existent and they found it hard to take marks inside the forward 50. The Eagles are now just half a game behind Carlton and certainly look top 6 material if not top 4. They certainly will not win the wooden spoon this year.
North Melbourne 21.10.136 defeated Port Adelaide 14.7.91
The betting line for Port at the beginning of the last quarter was $850 for the win!! I wonder if anybody would actually take the bet? The game? Well after an even first quarter it was pretty well North, particularly in that 3rd quarter when they kicked 6 goals to 1 giving them a 51 point lead at the last change. The final score doesn’t matter as Port could never catch up.

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