Friday, May 6, 2011

Aussies Just Too Good

The Australian Kangaroos continued their mid-season Test Dominance with a sketchy 20-10 win over the New Zealand Kiwis. We call the win sketchy, as the Kiwi's stayed in the game, but ultimately it was their mistakes that enabled the Kangaroos to snatch the win. The Kiwis were let down by a series of errors in the own half, midway through the second half, which paved the way for a Billy Slater try from a Ben Hannant scoop from yet another Kiwi dropped ball.

The Kiwi's were brave, as always, but the Aussie's capacity to capitalise on errors was the difference. Debutants, Jamal Idris, Jaral Yow Yeh and Kiwi Mathew Duffie all scored tries in an absorbing test dual.

In the annual City-Country Origin game, Country defeated City 18-12.

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