Monday, April 18, 2011

Great win from the Dragons

The Dragons have won a dour Monday night Football game by 16-0 against arch-rivals the Souths Sydney Rabbitohs.The scoreline did not reflect the closeness of the game and the sheer defensive will of the Souths side, as they held the Dragons scoreless for 67 minutes, with the only points being a penalty goal from Jamie Soward.

The turning point was a Matt Cooper special, holding up and turning around the efforts of Souths player Chris McQueen, who was just centimeters from touching down, until the strength of Coops not only stopped him, but turned him around and into an offload situation. The Dragons scored their first try through Darius Boyd in the 68th minute after great lead-up work from Matt Cooper, while Mark Gasnier sealed the game after two amazing offloads from Ben Creagh, the first leading to a scintillating break from Brett Morris, while the other gave Gaz the try.

Souths fans would have plenty to cheer about, as their defensive effort was the best of the season. Some major blunders from Chris Sandow and Rhys Wesser contributed to their loss. Not sure if Sandow has the concentration levels, or the desire to play consistent top level NRL.

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