Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Run Home to the Big Dance

The NFL Playoffs start next weekend in the Wildcard Weekend, and while it is a sad time for the 20 teams that missed the chance for the dance, it is excitement plus for those fans and teams remaining. The teams that have closed the season with the best possible chance have been the Atlanta Falcons (13-3) and the New England Patriots(14-2) who along with the Chicago Bears (11-5) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5) have earnt themselves a week off as the others play to see who takes them on in Week 2.

Wildcard weekend for the AFC sees the New York Jets(11-5) take on the Indianapolis Colts(10-6), while the Baltmore Ravens(12-4) pays the Kansas City Chiefs(10-6). In the NFC, we have Green Bay Packers (10-6) playing the Philadelphia Eagles(10-6) while the New Orleans Saints(11-5) are playing the Seattle Seahawks.(7-9). The Seahawks are the first Divisional 7-9 winner to make the playoffs, and would appear at long odds to progress, but this is the playoffs and anything can happen.

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