Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Gallop and Greg Show

You have to love the NRL. But every now and again, something happens that brings them back in line. And they now stand firm on the Greg Inglis factor, and demanding that his third party deals be included in the contract proper. And we couldn't agree more.The Third party deals were front and centre of the negotiations and went a long way towards the Rabbitohs signing Inglis. If they weren't there, he wouldn't sign. Its that simple.

You have to love David Gallop though. He has made this statement.

“It is unfortunate for Greg that he is in the middle of a difficult situation and I assured him this week that these issues do not reflect on him but that they are matters for clubs in assessing the offers that they make."

Every footy fan knows that this is bollocks and that this all does reflect badly on Greg Inglis. Why Gallop needed to go out of his way to re-assure him is a joke. I don't know who is advising Inglis at the moment, but he is making some terrible decisions effecting the Inglis brand. Inglis also is now stating how third party deals were hard to come by in Brisbane. Maybe, that is due to companies actually wanting a spokesperson with integrity and credibility, two attributes currently low in the Inglis make-up.

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