Thursday, December 30, 2010

Salary cap its own worst enemy in sorry Inglis saga

 Not sure how we missed this story, but we did. Glenn Jackson on the 23rd December, wrote the article below. For many years, we have been outspoken about the salary cap, and recently of the AFL's ability to place "Promotional/Marketing payments outside of the cap, something the short sighted administrators cannot seem to do in the NRL. Just another reason for the cap to go.

 By Glenn Jackson, League HQ
Let's take a step back for a minute. Forget about Greg Inglis. Forget about South Sydney and Hollywood pulling power, and Essendon. Just consider a subplot to this sideshow; how did rugby league get to the point where the NRL lawyer and its auditor are interrogating sponsors to decide their motives?
Forget about who you agree with and who you believe when it comes to the Inglis saga. The fact is that four sponsors were willing to pay Greg Inglis a combined $200,000 a season.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NRL All Stars 64 Shortlisted

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With Stage One of the NRL All Stars public selection process now complete, a shortlist of 64 players has revealed the contenders for Wayne Bennett’s side to take on the ‘Learn. Earn. Legend!’ Indigenous All Stars in the 2011 Harvey Norman Rugby League All Stars match, at Skilled Park on the Gold Coast on February 12.

The following 64 players have been shortlisted for selection in the 2011 NRL All Stars:

Brisbane Broncos
Corey Parker, Ben Hannant – Forwards
Alex Glenn, Ben Hunt - Backs

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
Greg Eastwood, Frank Pritchard - Forwards
Bryson Goodwin, Ben Roberts - Backs

Australian Cricket on the Skids

We usually don't make too much comment about cricket during the footy off-season, but at the moment feel that we just need to. At the end of the day, the abilities, heart and desire amongst this cricket team have to be questioned. It appeared that everyone got a little ahead of themselves in Perth, where we rode roughshod on the back of two brilliant performance with the ball from Ryan Harris and Mitch Johnson.

We then got carried away, but we should have still know this:
  • The Captain, Ricky Ponting is in poor form
  • His V/C Michael Clark is in poor form
  • The Top order, is soft and brittle
  • The Bowlers simply do not dominate sessions of play, don't seem to build pressure and often apepar directionless.
Major changes are needed within our cricket team, starting with selectors and the hierarchy. We need fighters, players that have commitment and a bit of heart, not those that look good on a magazine cover. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rabbitohs Saga Continues

Greg Inglis dominates the news again in the Rugby League World, with news that Souths need to offload three players to fit his contract in under the cap. Mick Crocker, Beau Champion and Ben Lowe have become the sacrificial lambs for Inglis, and to make matters worse, no-one wants them.

The Greg Inglis continuing saga is one that is detrimental to Rugby League as no doubt there will be hysteria surrounding Inglis and his future moves. Some will suggest he will be lost to the game.The only risk of Greg Inglis leaving Rugby League is to swap over to that ultra competitive world of Hot Dog Eating in the good old USA.

He is out of shape, overweight and lacking serious integrity and these would be the major roadblocks to signing anywhere. Greg needs to take responsibility for this mess and deal with it. The other major question, is how this will effect the store who are still waiting to release him. If he cannot sort out the deal, does he still count towards the Storm Salary Cap???

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fox’s home farewell a ball, 2nd win of season

By Joseph Person 
12/19/10 (R-L) Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox smiles as (57) linebacker Jordan Senn gives him the ball after recovering Arizona Cardinals kicker (4) Jay Feely's onside 9-yard kick that Senn recovered without trying to advance with under a minute left Sunday at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC. The Panthers defeated the Cardinals 19-12. Jeff Siner - The Charlotte Observer 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Gallop and Greg Show

You have to love the NRL. But every now and again, something happens that brings them back in line. And they now stand firm on the Greg Inglis factor, and demanding that his third party deals be included in the contract proper. And we couldn't agree more.The Third party deals were front and centre of the negotiations and went a long way towards the Rabbitohs signing Inglis. If they weren't there, he wouldn't sign. Its that simple.

You have to love David Gallop though. He has made this statement.

“It is unfortunate for Greg that he is in the middle of a difficult situation and I assured him this week that these issues do not reflect on him but that they are matters for clubs in assessing the offers that they make."

Every footy fan knows that this is bollocks and that this all does reflect badly on Greg Inglis. Why Gallop needed to go out of his way to re-assure him is a joke. I don't know who is advising Inglis at the moment, but he is making some terrible decisions effecting the Inglis brand. Inglis also is now stating how third party deals were hard to come by in Brisbane. Maybe, that is due to companies actually wanting a spokesperson with integrity and credibility, two attributes currently low in the Inglis make-up.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Commision? What Commision???

It doesn't seem that a day doesn't go past without word that the NRL Commision is almost up and over the final hurdle. I wish I knew what that hurdle was, as it appears that most of the participants argue over what the final hurdle is?? Also what will really change? David Gallop will still be in charge on a much higher salary that he is on now?? Same old Ballsups....

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