Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where to for Inglis??

The NRL have gone to great lengths to announce their intention to scrutinize the 1.8 million dollar Souths contract that Greg Inglis has signed. There are a number of French Rugby Clubs poised to pounce if the contract is deemed illegal, but surely other questions must also be answered.

  1. How can South fit Inglis under their Salary Cap, when just a few months back they shed some players allegedly to fit under the cap?
  2. Has Inglis actually been released from Melbourne? 
  3. What has happened to the "Legal Fees" drama?
  4. Inglis is apparently over 118kg. How can he get back to his proper playing weight under the confusion that surrounds him?
  5. What will he eat, if pies and beer are off the menu?
He is already unwanted in Qld, due to his lack of integrity? Too many questions now surround the motives of Greg Inglis....Will he continue in the NRL?

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