Monday, November 1, 2010

Pommies Out of Four Nations.

With England leading 8-6 after 18 minutes, and actually dominating the game, there were many secretly cheering on the Poms to make a real game of their match-up against Australia in the Four Nations tournament. But after some schoolboy errors and some questionable decisions by the match officials, Australia were soon up 26-8 at half-time and the win was never questioned from there.

The English side and their coach, were found to be simply inadequate as Australia won easily 34-14, and booked their place alongside New Zealand in the final. The win also consigns next week's double header status to "dead rubber" as the Englishmen look to book a win over the Papua New Guineans while Australia and New Zealand will meet each other for the first of their two clashed over the next fortnight.

A lot of theories were espoused during the game by the commentators, about how we strengthen the English Rugby League. Bringing their young players to Australia for  a two year period was Phil Gould suggestion, with this becoming a rolling campaign. The fact is they need to play in the NRL to get used to this level of contact. Sam Burgess and Gareth Ellis are the two prime examples of how competitive the English can be. They need to get serious. The English League, may also welcome one side to be made up entirely of Australian Players, led by an Australian coach. This side should be based in London, and play in the Super League. This COULD have the effect of bringing Australian high standards to the Super League, and every side would need to lift to meet their standard. Focus on home grown talent for the rest of the sides, and see what this does for the standards.

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