Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is this a Kiwi Ambush?

Have the Kiwis set up the ambush, just like the 2008 World Cup. They certainly chose some interesting tactics in last nights 34-20 loss to the Australian Kangaroos. They chose to shoot for goal twice at times when they should have been placing the Australian defence under some pressure. In reality they got within 14 points, yet really only played good football for twenty minutes. Everything the press has discusses has been on how well the Australians played and how much the new team members have put pressure on the established stars. Yes, Chris Laurence went well, Matt Scott shone, Shillington was strong, I liked the creativity that Dean Young brought into the game, and Todd Carney was good....there was a lot to like. But they beat a Kiwis side by slightly more than two converted tries, when the Kiwis played for just twenty minutes.The Kiwis have set up the ambush. Whichever side the Aussies bring, the Kiwis will be ready for the upset.

One thing the Kiwis will need to do, is lift their game in terms of crowd control. Seeing fans drinking from stubbies, and then seeing those same stubbies being hurled on the field, is not a good look and one the New Zealand authorities have to fix, before someone gets hurt.

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