Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Integrity? of Inglis

The headline screams " Crowe kept me in the game" as Inglis declares his love for the "people's club". Inglis talks about his disillusionment with the Storm and the Broncos and how he feels he has the right to renege on his deal. Lets look at the time line here.

  • He was contracted to the Storm for a further two years.
  • As part of his "contract" he was "gifted" a $30k boat, which was subsequent proof of the Storm salary cap scandal.
  • The Storm covered his provided advice, support and resources during a PERSONAL LEGAL BATTLE. These resources are now the sole reason why the Storm will not grant a release of Inglis.
  • Inglis given permission to negotiate solely with Brisbane, on compassionate grounds due to his girlfriend living in the Queensland capital.
  • Agrees to a deal with Brisbane.
  • Refuses to pay a share (30k of a 113k) bill for the legal resources he used in his PERSONAL legal battle. Inglis claims he had no choice of representation. Greg, you were cleared mate, you were successful mate, you are a grown man, mate. You make your own choices mate. Would YOUR choice have attained the same result? You would have had to sign documents on these legal resources, mate.
  • Reneges on Brisbane deal and wooed by Hollywood Crowe and the Rabbitohs.
  • Comes to light, that the Rabbitohs have secured a 100k contract outside the cap, and will cover the legal expenses of Inglis in fighting his previous legal expenses.
 My question is simple. Does Greg Inglis actually pay for anything? I am really tired of superstars expecting the world. Inglis has no integrity left, and he will blame the world for this perception. MAN UP. Accept your responsibilities mate. The world is not a free ride.

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