Saturday, November 6, 2010

Idiocracy Strikes: Congrats Joel

Idiocracy the cult Classic Movie, depicts the decline of intelligence of the Human Race and is set 500 years into the future. It looks like NRL players have been declining increasingly rapidly over the last couple of years, as they have endeavored to beat each other in the DUMB THINGS stakes.

This week, the Canberra Raiders Joel Monaghan, set the new standards for Idiocracy with a photo of him surfaced with simulating a sex act with a dog. If you havn't seen it, just go to Google Images and search Joel Monaghan. In between all this wonderful action shots, is the infamous shot of Joel with a large green box in place, to protect the identity of the dog, no doubt. What a wonderful permanent record !!!

Again questions, One can only wonder what Joel was thinking, the personal who snapped the photo was obviously inner circle, so you would have to question how it leaked. When will the NRL players learn. The world is a mobile phone. Descent into idiocracy!

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