Thursday, November 18, 2010

Does it Ever Stop?

After a marathon 26 week season, a Four Nations tournament, the Greg Inglis saga we now move into the All-Stars game, as voted by the fans. Rugby League is becoming like cricket, and all-year proposition. Teams are back in training and getting coverage and is just becomes the Never Ending Story. Personally, we are in off-season and that is clearly represented in our visitor stats. Off-season hasn't been good with our NFL Team, the Caroline Panthers are 1-8, with no end on sight for their miserable season facing the Baltimore Ravens (6-3) this week. Bob Jones and Permian are out of their respective High School competitions, so nothing really to get excited about.

Inglis is still not released by the Storm, so is still officially contracted to the Storm. To try and repair his battered image, he is talking up the All-Stars game. You read it here first....HE WON'T PLAY.  Joel Monaghan is going to England, and Wayne Bennett is being linked to other clubs. It's off-season....

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