Sunday, November 28, 2010

Season Over for West Texan Teams

The Season is over for the remaining West Texas High School teams after this weekend's round of Play_offs. In the Division 1 Regional Semi-Finals the Midland Bulldogs went down to Coppell 49-7. In the Division 2 Playoffs , Abiline went down to Powerhouse Southlake Carroll 38-24 while Abilene Cooper went down to Denton Gunyer 55-7 . It seems that no matter how good the District 3 teams seem, they never seem to progress much further than this round. The one exception was Abilene 5A title last year. There is always next year.

Where to for Inglis??

The NRL have gone to great lengths to announce their intention to scrutinize the 1.8 million dollar Souths contract that Greg Inglis has signed. There are a number of French Rugby Clubs poised to pounce if the contract is deemed illegal, but surely other questions must also be answered.

  1. How can South fit Inglis under their Salary Cap, when just a few months back they shed some players allegedly to fit under the cap?
  2. Has Inglis actually been released from Melbourne? 
  3. What has happened to the "Legal Fees" drama?
  4. Inglis is apparently over 118kg. How can he get back to his proper playing weight under the confusion that surrounds him?
  5. What will he eat, if pies and beer are off the menu?
He is already unwanted in Qld, due to his lack of integrity? Too many questions now surround the motives of Greg Inglis....Will he continue in the NRL?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Invitees for the Eddie

WAIMEA BAY, Oahu/Hawaii (Monday, November 22, 2010) – launched today with the announcement of the 28 coveted Invitees and 24 Alternates to the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau, fueled by Monster Energy (an ASP Specialty Event). The event will be held on one day, between December 1, 2010 and February 28, 2011, when waves exceed the 20-foot minimum threshold and Invitees contend for the $98,000 prize purse. The traditional opening ceremony will take place at 2:30pm, December 2nd, 2010, at Waimea Bay.
Monster Energy will be presenting the Monster Drop Award for the surfer who makes the most critical drop and rides out of it during the event. The judges will determine the winner the day of the competition and will present the chosen surfer with a unique Monster Drop Specialty Award.

Fox Shows he's a pro on the way out the Door

Although Panthers coach John Fox is a dead man walking in terms of his current job, he sure doesn't act like it.
Fox's nine-year tenure as the Panthers' head coach will end in six games, which is probably not soon enough for anybody involved at this point. The 1-9 Panthers have the worst record and by far the worst offense in the NFL.
After their 37-13 home loss to Baltimore Sunday, the Panthers have scored exactly 10 touchdowns in 10 games. No other NFL team comes close to Carolina's cringe factor on offense. The Panthers could literally score 42 points in their next game and still rank as the lowest-scoring offense in the NFL - even if the other 31 teams were shut out.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Does it Ever Stop?

After a marathon 26 week season, a Four Nations tournament, the Greg Inglis saga we now move into the All-Stars game, as voted by the fans. Rugby League is becoming like cricket, and all-year proposition. Teams are back in training and getting coverage and is just becomes the Never Ending Story. Personally, we are in off-season and that is clearly represented in our visitor stats. Off-season hasn't been good with our NFL Team, the Caroline Panthers are 1-8, with no end on sight for their miserable season facing the Baltimore Ravens (6-3) this week. Bob Jones and Permian are out of their respective High School competitions, so nothing really to get excited about.

Inglis is still not released by the Storm, so is still officially contracted to the Storm. To try and repair his battered image, he is talking up the All-Stars game. You read it here first....HE WON'T PLAY.  Joel Monaghan is going to England, and Wayne Bennett is being linked to other clubs. It's off-season....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ambush 16-12 Kiwis.

As boldly predicted by THEFOOTY.COM, when all other mainstream media outlets were talking about the HAKA and Petro, the Kiwis have won the Four Nations Final against the Kangaroos 16-12. This final says a lot about international footy at the moment, with the first tries scored by both teams coming from monumental blunders by the match officials and then the game was evenly poised and the brilliance of Benji Marshall opposed to the pedestrian effort of Darren Lockyer was the difference. The Kiwis looked down and out, fifth tackle, middle of the field on the 50 metre line. Just over one minute left. Benji runs it, shovels out to Shaun Kenny-Dowell, who passes to the world's most awkward footballer, Jason Nightingale. Nightingale passes inside back to Benji, off Lockyer, who when tackled by Cooper Cronk, throws the ball over his shoulder to Nathan Fien, who scored. Many will say that the Aussies should have put the game away, but when the game was there to be won, there were five Kiwis to one single Kangaroo (Cronk). Where was the rest of the Aussies? Well Done Kiwis. A Great Win. I will post on Tim Sheens tomorrow.

A Little Bit of Alabama

A Little Bit of Bob Jones Alabama Patriots. This is their Drum Band. Go Patriots

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lockyer's Last V Kiwi Ambush

The scene has been set. Darren Lockyer's gravel tones announced to the World, that this weekend's Four Nations Final is expected to be his last test at Suncorp Stadium. The Saturday Night, blockbuster has the potential to be one of the best International Games seen for a long, long time and if the planets align, Australia will be hoping for a win to send Locky away a wnner, while the Kiwis will be looking to have similar emotion in the haka as well as the game. All up it should be a ripsnorter. It is a shame that Petro Civoneceva has lost his mantle as the Number One prop in Australia, but his class in ruling himself out based on his condition is one of a true team man and leader.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Integrity? of Inglis

The headline screams " Crowe kept me in the game" as Inglis declares his love for the "people's club". Inglis talks about his disillusionment with the Storm and the Broncos and how he feels he has the right to renege on his deal. Lets look at the time line here.

  • He was contracted to the Storm for a further two years.
  • As part of his "contract" he was "gifted" a $30k boat, which was subsequent proof of the Storm salary cap scandal.
  • The Storm covered his provided advice, support and resources during a PERSONAL LEGAL BATTLE. These resources are now the sole reason why the Storm will not grant a release of Inglis.
  • Inglis given permission to negotiate solely with Brisbane, on compassionate grounds due to his girlfriend living in the Queensland capital.
  • Agrees to a deal with Brisbane.
  • Refuses to pay a share (30k of a 113k) bill for the legal resources he used in his PERSONAL legal battle. Inglis claims he had no choice of representation. Greg, you were cleared mate, you were successful mate, you are a grown man, mate. You make your own choices mate. Would YOUR choice have attained the same result? You would have had to sign documents on these legal resources, mate.
  • Reneges on Brisbane deal and wooed by Hollywood Crowe and the Rabbitohs.
  • Comes to light, that the Rabbitohs have secured a 100k contract outside the cap, and will cover the legal expenses of Inglis in fighting his previous legal expenses.
 My question is simple. Does Greg Inglis actually pay for anything? I am really tired of superstars expecting the world. Inglis has no integrity left, and he will blame the world for this perception. MAN UP. Accept your responsibilities mate. The world is not a free ride.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just not our Season

1-7. That's the way it stands, as today the Carolina Panthers crashed to a 34-3 loss to the New Orleans Saints. The Panthers have the third worst record in the league this season as this season of transition goes from bad to worse. The only team they have defeated are the 49ers who sit in the spot above them. Next week the Panthers front up against Tampa Bay, who sit with a 5-3 record.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


As Greg Inglis was shaking Bruno Cullens hand last week, confirming he would be back in Brisbane to sign by Saturday, he was secretly plotting to join the Rabbitohs after being wooed by Russell Crowe, Anthony Mundine and mining magnate, Andrew Forrest.

What this makes Inglis out to be, I am unsure. But I am certain that Queenslanders love a little thing called integrity, and Inglis's integrity has been shot down in flames this season with revelations about "his boat" from outside the cap and now his two-faced stance with the Broncos. I am not sure that he will be welcomed back into a Maroons jumper.

Monaghan quits, but pleads for leniency | Fox Sports

Monaghan quits, but pleads for leniency | Fox Sports

And thats a good thing!

Is this a Kiwi Ambush?

Have the Kiwis set up the ambush, just like the 2008 World Cup. They certainly chose some interesting tactics in last nights 34-20 loss to the Australian Kangaroos. They chose to shoot for goal twice at times when they should have been placing the Australian defence under some pressure. In reality they got within 14 points, yet really only played good football for twenty minutes. Everything the press has discusses has been on how well the Australians played and how much the new team members have put pressure on the established stars. Yes, Chris Laurence went well, Matt Scott shone, Shillington was strong, I liked the creativity that Dean Young brought into the game, and Todd Carney was good....there was a lot to like. But they beat a Kiwis side by slightly more than two converted tries, when the Kiwis played for just twenty minutes.The Kiwis have set up the ambush. Whichever side the Aussies bring, the Kiwis will be ready for the upset.

One thing the Kiwis will need to do, is lift their game in terms of crowd control. Seeing fans drinking from stubbies, and then seeing those same stubbies being hurled on the field, is not a good look and one the New Zealand authorities have to fix, before someone gets hurt.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

High School Footy: OVER

 IN a massive letdown for the team here at, both of the High School footy teams we were following, have finished for the year. The Permian Panthers went down in their final game to the Abilene Eagles 42-14. Very disapointing season and it would appear from the comments from the fans of the Panthers, most criticism firmaly laid at the coaching and the conditioning of the team.

The Bob Jones Patriots, playing in Alabama 6A football, were tipped to threaten for State Honours this season, however fell badly at the first hurdle losing in week 1 to Clay-Chalkville Cougars 28-21. The Patriots led 21-7 at half-time, and were destined to win, however a committed Cougars team came back strongly in the second half to win. The Bob Jones team ranked 5 in the State, are now out of the playoffs after promising so much.

English Finally Win One

The English side finally got a win up, defeating the Papua New Guineans 36-10 in the first game of the Double Header at Eden Park, Auckland. The tournament has been a massive letdown for international game, and while the Pommies finally scored a win, the PNG side was just no match for any of the sides. A massive rethink on the Four Nations is needed, if the international game is to succeed.

Idiocracy Strikes: Congrats Joel

Idiocracy the cult Classic Movie, depicts the decline of intelligence of the Human Race and is set 500 years into the future. It looks like NRL players have been declining increasingly rapidly over the last couple of years, as they have endeavored to beat each other in the DUMB THINGS stakes.

This week, the Canberra Raiders Joel Monaghan, set the new standards for Idiocracy with a photo of him surfaced with simulating a sex act with a dog. If you havn't seen it, just go to Google Images and search Joel Monaghan. In between all this wonderful action shots, is the infamous shot of Joel with a large green box in place, to protect the identity of the dog, no doubt. What a wonderful permanent record !!!

Again questions, One can only wonder what Joel was thinking, the personal who snapped the photo was obviously inner circle, so you would have to question how it leaked. When will the NRL players learn. The world is a mobile phone. Descent into idiocracy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kangaroo Questions

I am not sure what is on Tim Sheens mind, but you really have to question the team selected for the final matchup against the Kiwis. Handing four new test caps, and replacing Darren Lockyer and Billy Slater really does put the Aussies at a disadvantage for the final against the Kiwis. They would have been better off sticking solid and trying to build combinations, as they have been very rusty to date in the tournament.

I Surf Because

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Andy Irons dies, aged 32 | Other Sports | Fox Sports

Andy Irons dies, aged 32 | Other Sports | Fox Sports

Andy Irons died today from Dengue Fever. The surfing world mourns a true legend and top bloke. Our condolences go out to the Irons Family and his family of surfers worldwide.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pommies Out of Four Nations.

With England leading 8-6 after 18 minutes, and actually dominating the game, there were many secretly cheering on the Poms to make a real game of their match-up against Australia in the Four Nations tournament. But after some schoolboy errors and some questionable decisions by the match officials, Australia were soon up 26-8 at half-time and the win was never questioned from there.

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