Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Still Hasn't Happened

I had a dear friend accost me last week and swear black and blue that a friend of hers, had heard it directly from the Australian Federal Police that the text message sent around was true and that the AFP had put the media ban out so as not to disrupt the Grand Final Week. She showed me a "leaked" email as well. Monday was to be the big day. We are still waiting. We are going through and hearing about some interviews, but the "word" does appear to be slightly out. As one of the many that received the SMS, I am surprised at how put out, the ones that didn't receive it have felt aggrieved that they wern't included. Need less to say, we hope that the findings are not found, our great game does not deserve a betting scandal. However, while we are in bed with the devil, these issues will always surface.

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