Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whinging Tigers

Hey, I am a Dragons Supporter, but I am absolutely sick to death of the whinging that the Wests Tigers have done in relation to the Jeremy Smith knees into Lote Tuquire. Played at full speed, it was nothing more that a collision that happens in our sport. Bottom line. No intent, the player was dropping and Smith was coming in to play the second tackler role. Didn't deserve a penalty, certainly didn't deserve to be reported. The one that takes the cake, is the Robert Lui , whinge in Rugby League Week. Lui called the Smith tackle a cheap shot. This is the same guy that hours after making that statement was charged by police, for allegedly trying to choke his girlfriend. The guy played a whale of a game, and should have been stamping himself as the start of a great career, instead.....well we know what happened. I will leave you to decide what the low act/cheap shot was.

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