Sunday, September 19, 2010

Northern Pride dehorn the Devils

The Northern Pride became the pride of the Queensland Super Intrust Cup in defeating the Norths Devils 30-20 in a one-sided Grand Final that threatened to blow up at many times during the game. The Pride skipped out to an 18-nil lead after twenty minutes and the shell-shocked Devils were struggling to get the ball, let alone put any serious pressure on the Pride. The Devils scored before half-time and the 18-6 halftime score gave them some hope, but the Pride were the first side to score after half-time to lead 24-6 and this just proved insurmountable. If we complain about NRL refs, you should have taken a gander at Justin Davis, who was shocking. He put up with constant gibes from Pride Captain Chris Sheppard and made some totally bewildering decisions today. The standard of the game was good, and the fights which threatened to spill added the spice.

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