Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dragons and the Dell

It was good seeing the Big Dell, Wendell Sailor, get a bit passionate on NRL on Fox, when pushed by host Ryan Phelan, who proclaimed the Dragons as the worst game of the weekend. They didn't let loose until they were playing against 12 men, proclaimed Phelen, whose NRL, Origin and Test playing career is non-existant. Dell professed his love for the Dragons, and his hate for the lop-sided views of many of the media. If they win, they are expected to win, if they lose, they choke.Gary Freeman chimed in criticizing the choice to take penalty goals, and not running the footy.

The Dragons have a steel about them, that no other side can match. They are in games to win them, not to entertain the likes of Freeman and Phelan. Good on ya Dell for standing up to these imbos.

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