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Bob Jones High School Patriots

Recently a friend of ours, went to live in the United States, to a town called Madison Alambama. The school here children will be attending is Bob Jones High School. In fact, her daughter will be playing in the school band. We will be getting some first hand knowledge of High School Football in Alabama through the Bob Jones Patriots. So what do we know now? They play 6A football in Alabama and the Patriots are currently sitting at 3-0 in Region 8. Importantly they are ranked at 6 by the Alabama Sports Writers association. They have played 24 times in the playoffs over a couple of divisions and have yet to win  State

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MADISON, AL - The 2009 version of the Bob Jones High School football team won more games than any team in school history (11-2) and went farther in the playoffs than any team in school history. In the 6-A state quarterfinals, the Pats lost hold of a three-point halftime lead, falling to eventual state champ Hoover. That caliber of success hasn't always existed within the Bob Jones football program and now the Patriots are learning how to deal with and build upon high expectations.

"We used to be 'the same old' Bob Jones," said Patriots wide receiver Collins Moore, "5-5 and Coach Rose came in and took over as the head coach, I mean, the whole community changed here. Football is big."

"We're all on the same page," said head coach Kevin Rose. "We're all in this together. We're committed to being efficient with our time and we're committed to competing and the highest level possible. So we'll work really hard, if you don't like hard work and you're not committed to our goal, you kind of get rid of yourself."

"To me, last year was the start of our foundation and now it's time to build up, Moore said.

With a unique compound of confidence and humility the Patriots attack a challenging 2010 schedule bolstered by upperclassmen hungered by the state quarterfinal loss and underclassmen eager to join a growing program.

"Those two meshing together- it is going to be pretty good," said Moore. "Because you got some that are hungry and then you also have those that are leaders that have been there to show those how to act once you get there."

"It reinforces that what we're doing is right," said Rose. "I think our kids have totally bought in to that we're doing it the right way. That we can win a championship. That that's not out of reach- that's something that at Bob Jones they hadn't even been competitive at the state level. And I think our kids saw last year that we can compete on that level. We can compete with Hoover and all those people."

"We learned what it felt like to win," said Moore, "and we also learned what it felt like to lose and I think that is big- us learning how to come back after losing."

Football past records

Year Team Record Playoffs
2001 2 8 Did Not Make Playoffs
2002 5 5 Did Not Make Playoffs
2003 5 5 Did Not Make Playoffs
2004 3 7 Did Not Make Playoffs
2005 6 4 2nd Qualifier, Region 8
2006 5 5 4th Qualifier, Region 8
2007 5 5 4th Qualifier, Region 8
2008 6 4 3rd Qualifier, Region 8
2009 9 1 1st Qualifier, Region 8

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