Thursday, September 23, 2010

BJHS Football Ranking Milestone

Nikki has just arrived in Madison, so we continue our series of getting to know the Bob Jones Patriots. Here is an article from .
For those of you who followed Bob Jones Football over the past five or six years, you have noticed a clear transformation has taken place. Well you are in good company because it seems the Alabama Sports Writers Association (ASWA) agrees with you. Your Bob Jones Patriots are now ranked number 6 in the state, equally our highest ranking of sixth in the state during week five of 2009 season.
Since the beginning of 2009, Bob Jones has now been ranked 11 of the last 16 weeks and the last 8 weeks straight, beginning with week 8 of 2009 until present. The only other team in Region 8 to be continual ranked is Decatur, who in 2004 who was ranked 11 weeks straight from preseason to final poll, a milestone we can clearly surpass this year. Bob Jones briefly appeared in the 6A state polls in 1997 entering the polls as the 10th ranked team in the state during week 5, and again being ranked 10th in week six, moving to number 9 on the seventh week and was dropped on the 8th week ranking. However Bob Jones didn’t enter Region 8 until 2000, prior to this Bob Jones was in Region 15 a small region with only 3 other teams. In 2005, Bob Jones began a lot more success in a much larger Region 8, routinely playing above .500 and earning a playoff berth every year since 2005 and winning the first round playoff games three out of five seasons, feats unrivaled by other Region 8 teams. These signs when added to a record year in 2009, our undefeated Region 8 championship, and some incredible offensive and defensive statistics are the sign of a program competing at a state level. But clearly all these things carry a lot more weight when the Alabama Sports Writers Association, who has been ranking football teams for decades, recognizes your program as one of the top six teams in Alabama. Go Patriots!

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