Thursday, September 30, 2010

4th Ranked Bob Jones Patriots

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Spain Park Win Propels Bob Jones to 4th Ranked Team in the State
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 21:31
As most of you might have read in a story last week, Bob Jones is forging new ground in the Alabama Sports Writers polls and this week is no exception.  Bob Jones reached its highest ranking ever in the State at number 4. This ranking surpasses the highest number of sports writer votes Bob Jones ever received when they netted 141 votes in last year’s 6th place ranking to the 220 votes received for this year’s 4th place ranking. Bob Jones has now been ranked 9 consecutive weeks since week 8 of 2009.  This record only falls short of Decatur’s 2004 eleven week run in the polls otherwise the Patriots will have surpassed all Region 8 records for team ranking. Speaking of Region 8 firsts, this week Decatur has been ranked right behind Bob Jones at number 5. This is the first time two Region 8 teams have been ranked together in the top half of the top ten since the formation of Region 8. Let the Coaches and Players know how much you appreciate their record setting accomplishments in the Region and the State. GO Patriots!

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