Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snowys Super Coach Season Over

Snowy was skiting at the beginning of the season about his prowess as a Fantasy League Coach. He joined up the Fox Fantasy League and the Courier Mail NRL Super Coach. Supercoach was where he placed his energies. He finished the season in 4th and played off against slsav drivers who dusted him by a 100 points, 1088 to 988. Left to live another day, he showed up against superducks in the first semi-final. Coming into Monday Night footy, Snowy is behind but has his ace up his sleeve, his Captain Todd Carney is left to score points, against none from the Ducks.Carney had a shocker, and with him went Snowys shot at Public League 295575. The Ducks and SnowysBloodyChooks drew 857 apiece, and courtesy of the Ducks finishing third in the regular season progressed to the Preliminary Finals.In a nutshell Snowy finished 32,000 in a competition of over 121,000 and should be relatively proud of his efforts. 2011 will again see him front up for the SuperCoach tag, do we have any takers?

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