Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sanity Prevails

I hate things like Biting and spitting charges. They show the "underside" of the game. They are usually committed by the "grub" elements of the game, and when intentional, deserve the full weight of our law and condemnation.

However, things get mixed up in a game. Under today's gang and grapple tackle mentality, forearms around the head in the wrestle, are becoming increasingly common. In these situations, players may be tackle by upwards of four players, with a forearm in the mouth region. The attacking player potentionally feels restricted and constrained and unable to breathe.
When this happens, a player may forget his best intentions and use the only avenue available.. Not saying this is right.....

Which brings me to Scott Bolton. A clean and tough forward, the biting allegation would have struck deep inside him. I am glad that he has been cleared of any intention to bite, citing the force of the defenders behind him on his head, the arm in the mouth and him not wearing a mouthguard. He certainly stated their was contact between teeth and arm....intentional NO WAY.

Maybe now, we can look at the players that attacked and/or grappled the head to get some real justice.

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