Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Refs Paralysed leading to Poor Decisions

Much has been said about the standard of the refereeing. In a word, it is atrocious. And the Video Refereeing is even worse. And I think the problem lies clearly in the technology and the way the refs are taking suggestions. Once upon a time, the ref was considered the sole judge of the game. The touchies provided suggestions, but the refs used to have the kahunas to say " Nah mate, I saw it, my decision stands". Nowadays it is so different. Once a touchie or a video ref, says anything they become SOLE JUDGE. Regardless of how poor that decision is!!!. Why is this? If the ref sees it one way and calls play on, while an incompetent touch judges utters forward, why call it back. Have the guts to support your original call boys, you are paid to do this. We talk about all the help the refs now have, I would call it handcuffs......

No-one begrudges a dodgy call made in the speed of the game, but questions are always asked when a touch judge makes a call that the ref takes....Just about every time.I bet that all of our refs would ref better in a State League environment where the technology is non-existent. Freed from the shackles of technology, they would be free to return to the "sole judge" of the game and grow some kahunas.

And Video refs. What a joke. I have always been an advocate that a qualified ref doesn't need to be the Video Ref. When the video ref gets bogged down is in the slow motion replays and applying the technicalities of the law. They just need to be an experience league person, who potentially might have a qualified ref for advice, but any serious fan can do a better job that
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what is currently being done.

My suggestions. Firstly, the video ref should only be able to see the play in real time. Half speed at best. Get rid of the frame to frame slow-mo. Make a decision at game speed. Limit replays to three from each angle. Provide your observations to the ref and allow them to make the decision.

We should remove the video ref for a couple of games that won't have a bearing on the finals and remove the technology and while we are there, the second ref. And see how they go. Every year we talk about how bad the refs are, we have talked about bunkers for the video ref. Technology has made it worse.

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