Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gasnier and Gloom for the Dragons

Tuesday the 29th June, the Dragons announced the return of Mark Gasnier to absolute mixed reactions amongst Dragons fans.At the time, the Dragons were leading the competition and seemingly doing it easy. They had a team that worked hard for themselves, and in the Wayne Bennett mould, were all playing above their respective ability.

Step in Gasnier, and loe and behold, the wobbles are back.
Interestingly Gasnier wanted to come back to win a NRL comp. It appears that his re-appearance in the Red and Whites my just prevent the Dragons from doing so. While Big Dell, and many other fans openly welcomed Gasniers return, just as many others were reluctant to embrace him, as he was part of the previous culture of Close enough was good enough. He was part of a culture that waited for the stars to win a game. He had no part in the current culture, where every player digs in for each other. This is a sub-conscience thing, players expect Gasnier to do something.

The stats are simple. Gasnier returned on Monday Night, the fifth of July against the Panthers. The Dragons stats since then are:
  • Panther 12 Dragons 8 (July5)
  • Dragons 16 Rabbitohs 13 (July 16)
  • Titans 11 Dragons 10 (July 23)
  • Broncos 10 Dragons 6 (August 1)
3 Losses from four starts. Points For: 40, Points against 44. This is simply not good enough for a team leading the comp. What is the point of holding teams to an average of 11 points, when you cannot score them yourself.  Prior to Gasnier rejoining the team, the Dragons had played 15 games for 12 wins, with 347 for and 157 against.  An Average score of 23 points to 10.

While Gasnier himself isn't the issue. Neither was Jason Ryles or Trent Barrett. It is the way other players within the team structure start playing around these superstars. This is a St George thing and has to change.

Since Gaz's return, Matt Cooper has returned to his old ways. Playing inside the best winger in the world, Coops has decided to play superstardom himself. What has really surprised me about all of this, is that Wayne Bennett hasn't stopped this crap from happening. Surely, the wise old head, would have seen this about the Dragons in the past. Why did he allow Gasnier to disrupt his team?????????????

Egos are back at the Dragons, and unless they go, we kiss another season goodbye.

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