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AFL Review Round 20

AFL Review Round 20
Collingwood 24.18.162 Defeated Essendon 10.4.64
The Magpie machine continued to steamroll mediocre opposition and even though the margin was 98 points inaccurate Collingwood kicking in the last quarter saved the Bombers from an even greater margin. Happy! Cloke had 5.1 up to the end of the 3rd quarter and 5.5 at the end of the game. The 4 misses were set shots well within his capability. So the Collingwood goal kicking accuracy remains a problem for them heading into September. Swan played well as usual but Pendlebury and Blair were better. Jobe Watson had 28 possessions for the Bombers but only 2 of these were kicks?
Will Josh Fraser get his 200th game? Only if they rest Jolly who sustained a leg injury late in the game. Pressure will no doubt be back on Matthew Knights and his coaching position with the Bombers. A combined beating of 174 points in the last 2 weeks might take a bit of explaining. Conversely Eddie is trying to work out how to tell Bucks to hold off on coaching the Pies until 2020!

Carlton 23.18.156 Defeated Richmond 10.7.67
If you had fallen asleep at the MCG at the half way mark of the Friday night game then woken up at half time for this game you wouldn’t have missed a thing. You would probably just be asking yourself why the jumper colours were different to when you fell asleep! Rumour about this game was that it was going to be close. The Blues seemed to have woken from a footy nap over the past 2 weeks although they have played two of the weaker teams. Waite and Garlett kicked 4 for Carlton and Judd was at his best. Cousins was playing for his life and we will know the result of that during the week apparently and also when the viewing of his drug movie will be scheduled. More happening with the Tigers off field it seems. How good is Carlton? They play Geelong next week. Hmmm.

Sydney 14.12.96 Defeated Fremantle 13.9.87
There were 10 lead changes in this game it was only the successful Sydney kick on goal after the siren that made the margin 9 points. Freo must win 1 more game for a home final but it’s looking bleak. Swans will play finals, so will Fremantle but whether it’s a home final for the Dockers remains up in the air. Hannebery  for the Swans finished with 38 possessions  and he was ably assisted by Jack and Mumford, the latter dominating the final quarter that helped Sydney win this game.  Broughton and DeBoer played well for the Dorks but the question is where is Pavlich in these tight games? Fremantle will be lucky to win its 2 remaining games and with them a chance to play at home. Too many injuries.

Geelong 25.11.161 Defeated Western Bulldogs 9.6.60
The Bulldogs were crippled with a virus that spread through the players. Let’s hope so because this result would be putting them back 10 years. 4th on the ladder beaten by over 100 points!! Insane! The Bulldogs kicked 1 point in the 2nd quarter while Geelong kicked 10 goals! Just to push the Doggies snout into the muck the Cats added another 8 goals in the last quarter. Ablett was back to his best with 3 goals and a million touches and Johnson kicked 5 while Pods returned to the good books with 3. Giansiracusa tried hard for the Bulldogs. Rocket says don’t blame the virus but that’s a better option than saying they are a 100 point worse side than Geelong!

Port Adelaide 8.13.61 Defeated West Coast 8.12.60
The Eagles waited until the last quarter was almost over before levelling the scores. Some poor defence in the last minute cost West Coast  a point scrambled by Port’s  Rodan, enough to steal a win, pretty much the same as last week for the Eagles in their last gasp loss to Brisbane. It’s official! West Coast wins Wooden Spoon. It was almost a draw which would have been fitting. 16 goals total kicked in the entire game by both teams and at half time they had kicked 5! Cornes, Thomas and Cassisi picked up a lot of possessions between them and Rosa did okay for West Coast as did Cox who played his heart out in his 200th to no avail. Strijk for the Eagles was their leading goalkicker with 3. Both these teams will be looking forward to the end of the season but next year is not looking a whole lot better.

Adelaide 15.14.104 Defeated Brisbane Lions 13.19.97
The game was close all day and even at the end of the 3rd quarter the scores were level. The Crows fought out a courageous win seeing they lost 2 players early severely affecting their interchange rotations which was a hot topic for AFL rule change over the past week so Adelaide winning the game has actually put a spanner in the statistical manipulation and medical evidence against decreasing interchange moves! This was a no interest game like the Eagles and Port game. Neither team will be in the finals, not this year, not next year. Tippett kicked 5 goals for Adelaide and ditto for Clark of the Lions. Exciting because it was close.

Hawthorn 15.9.99 Defeated Melbourne 12.6.78
Another closely contested game this weekend and Melbourne gave their chances of a possible finals appearance their best shot but just fell short. The Demons lost this in the last quarter kicking a solitary goal to the Hawks’ 3. Unfortunate. Everyone will say that the president Kennett sting on his Hawks had effect but it was probably more damaging to the coaching staff rather than inspiring to the players. Loud mouth and a loud jacket! Franklin and Ellis kicked 3 for the Hawks and Buddy was Hawthorn’s best as well after Hodge copped a punch on the nose. Broken noses and broken legs this season are fairly commonplace as it seems Melbourne’s Davey broke his leg. Campbell Brown and Hodge can compare deviated septums in 20 years time. Bruce was the standout for the Dees and Jamar dominated ruck as can be expected since Hawthorn doesn’t have ruckmen. How far can the Hawks go from here?

St Kilda 17.13.115 Defeated North Melbourne 9.9.63
Any chance North had of making the finals was snuffed out with a big win by St Kilda led by Nick Reiwoldt who kicked 7.5 for the game. North were in this game only to quarter time. It was pretty well one way traffic after that. Goddard, Hayes and Gram had plenty of the ball to help Nick kick his bag of 7 and it was a creditable performance by Hansen for North who kicked 4. Brent Harvey was well held. He will have a better game next week against the Eagles for his 300th. North coach Scott said: “We are 9th for a reason.” That about sums it up.

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