Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Over the Odds

Snowy rang me today from his beautiful Nambucca Heads wanting to rant about the Storm Salary Cap rort. He was perplexed as to why Greg Inglis turned down a $400,000 offer from the Broncos when his NRL contract states that is what he actually earns, or thereabouts. Is this the first admission from a player that they knew they were earning above their "nominated" NRL amount? Snowy asked a heap more questions that perplexed even me, but he asserts that this is a corporate cover-up to exceed all corporate cover-ups.

Snowy mentioned that David Gallop has continually stated that the BIG 4 of the Storm, will not be allowed to accept pay-cuts to stay. Gallop, is this pay-cuts on their nominated NRL contracts, or the actual money they were recieving?

The Auditors Deliotte have apparently over gained access to less than half of the people who they needed to interview due to their refusal to speak.At it is strange that leaked news suggests that incriminating emails from the Independent Directors of the Storm. It appears that News Ltd have their fall guys.

It is absolutely inconceivable that NEWS were not in some way implicated in the rort, the size that it is. A company with strict auditing requirements internally, surely would have known. SURELY.

And it now seems incredible that the NRL has seen increases to third party payments and the cap itself, that have legalised some of the Storm exposure for next season. Go Figure. And we have seen the Cap Manipulated by the Dragons with full NRL consent, with the Mark Gasnier. So it is legal to rort the cap, but if only approved by the NRL.

And yet still my mind harks back to pre-Storm Salary Cap drama. Snowy and I are heavily involved in rugby league circles. Not ONCE, amongst the hundreds of people that we converse with, have EVER suggested that the Storm were cheats. NOT ONCE, was it ever questioned, were they rorting the cap. And now we are led to believe they are 1.3 million over the cap. The only thing that I can think is POOR management paying well above the odds for players. And NEWS LTD had to know about that.

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