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AFL Review Round 15

AFL Review Rd 15 (Brought to you by

Collingwood16.9.105 Defeated Port Adelaide 12.7.79
The Power not only lost the game but lost theircoach.  Collingwood fans had reason to beworried until the last quarter after giving Port a 6 goal start. The good startby Port Adelaide was built on emotion and it was obvious from the first fewminutes when Port had 2 goals on the board that Collingwood had a fight ontheir hands. The Power ran out of emotional gas and wind in the final quartergiving the Pies the opportunity to win the game.
Dane Swan had 39 possessionsfor the Pies and Rodan kicked 3 goals along with his 26 touches for the Power.Primus will be the stand in coach for Port Adelaide for the remainder of theseason.

Geelong 12.13.85Defeated Hawthorn 11.17.83
A great game of football played at the unusual time ofSaturday afternoon at the MCG!! 70,000 fans thought it was a good idea and theCats and the Hawks treated the crowd to a classic. Driving from Sydney to theWang the game was on the radio and there was a goal in it at Tarcutta, 7 pointlead to the Hawks at Holbrook, 2 points at Woomagarma and the siren went with theCats ahead at Ettamogah. Ablett was a ball magnet in the last quarter whileBartel played well all day for the Cats. Stokes kicked 4 goals for Geelong inthe second half. Rioli with 25 touches and Lance Franklin with his 3 goalsplayed well for the Hawks as did Gilham and Sewell. Just a terrific game andwhen the siren went the Cats were 2 points ahead.

Adelaide 17.15.127Defeated West Coast 14.11.95
The Eagles took it right up to the Crows all day and itwas just in the last 10 minutes that Adelaide was able to kick a couple ofgoals to take that unassailable lead. West Coast allowed another couple of easygoals just to make sure. After the Hawthorn versus Geelong game on the radio itwas this game to listen to from Albury Wodonga through Chiltern and Springhurstto Wangaratta. West Coast needed to stop Tippett to win the game but couldn’t.LeCras continued his enigmatic form for the Eagles with 4 first half goals. TheWooden spoon looms for West Coast and it’s lucky for most teams that Adelaideface the Cats next week to put a stop to their winning run.

St Kilda 11.13.79Defeated Brisbane Lions 10.5.65
Maybe the Saints had to get used to another restructurein their team make up once they included Nick Reiwoldt again because theylooked very ordinary and came close to losing the game. It was either that orBrisbane simply played better than they had for some weeks. Fev was back forthe Lions and kicked 4 goals. Eyes were on Nick though and everyone hoped thathe could get through the game without any major setback. Hayes, Del Santo andMontagna had almost 100 touches between them and young Daniel Rich is shapingas another Luke Hodge. Hopefully Brisbane softened the Saints up enough to makethem useless against the Pies next week.

Richmond 15.10.100Defeated Fremantle 11.15.81
General consensus of opinion states that an umpire cannotreally change the course of a game. That might be true but in this game it wasa close thing with a technical 50 metre penalty given to the Tigers againstFreo at a very crucial stage of the match. Another loss for the Dockers andanother win for the Tigers. Without Tarrant, Grover and McPharlin the job ofstopping Jack Reiwoldt kicking more than 2 goals proved too hard as he booted 5for the game to retain his lead in the Coleman medal. The fairytale start forthe Dockers will fall apart if they don’t win a couple of the next games toconsolidate their ladder position. The Tigers had injuries during the gamewhich reduced their interchange options so their win was perhaps even moremeritorious. Mundy, Sandilands as usual and Pavlich were the best for theDockers and alongside Reiwoldt Connors, Edwards and Martin figured in the bestfor Richmond.

Sydney 12.13.85Defeated North Melbourne 7.13.55
It was out of character for North to play so poorly twoweeks in a row. Seeing 8th placed hinged on the result North willnot be happy. Conversely Sydney has gained some breathing room in their ladderposition. Goodes returned to match winning form after a poor game last week asdid Harvey for North. The return to North of Drew Petrie was short lived as helimped from the ground in the first half. Not a great game to watch but that “ugly”football Roos seems to like was back with a vengeance.

Melbourne 19.8.122Defeated Essendon 14.19.93
During the last quarter the Demons had a lead of 51points so the final margin is not indicative of the difference between the twoteams. Atrociously umpired but still a good win for Melbourne. 50 metrepenalties against Essendon in the first half amounted to 4 goals which wasalmost the difference between the two teams. In all there were seven 50 metrepenalties against the Bombers, many of them suspect. Sylvia, Green and Jamarplayed well for the Dees and Watson was a stand out for the Bombers as well asLovett-Murray and Wunderlich. The only notes we saw Knights take seemed to bethe reasons for the 50 metre penalties so his report on the umpires will makeinteresting reading.

Western Bulldogs20.6.126 Defeated Carlton 8.10.58
The game was well and truly over by half time after whichthe Western Bulldogs just kept increasing their lead. The Blues have a way togo if they think they are final four contenders this year. The Bulldogs are chasing4th position and there is a good chance they will achieve thatbefore too long. An 11 goal plus loss for Carlton really sets them back ontheir bums and they will need to regroup for the last few rounds to make surethey remain in the 8. Challenges coming from Adelaide, Hawthorn, Sydney andNorth need to be taken seriously. Hall kicked 6 for the Bullies and hisconsistency this year has been a bonus for the team. Fremantle will find ithard to stop the Western Bulldogs taking their ladder position.

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