Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where to Now for NSW

NSW are in a complete state of disarray at the moment. Here we track what went wrong in the second State of Origin at Suncorp.
  1. Stick with a coach that has lost the last two series
  2. Pick a squad of 21 players 
  3. Continue to forget a thing called loyalty.
  4. Continue to pick rookies and discard them after one game. Welcome to the club Jamel Idris
  5. Pick a team purely to win the next game with no eye for the future. 
  6. Continue to resurrect veterans(Kimmorly/Barret/Gallon) with no positive Origin resume
  7. Allow your assistant coach to make allegedly racist comments
  8. Allow your winger to place himself above his team. While it was an admirable personal stand from this person, it certainly divided the team, as evidence by the performance on Origin Night. A sure fire way to lose game three is pick the winger again, but in the times of political correctness, this is almost a certainty.
  9. Allow your assistant coach to stand down. This is the only member of your coaching team that has any Origin history.
  10. Lose 34-6 in the biggest game in NSW history.
So Where to now. My guess is they need to make some certain changes for Game 3 with a clear eye to 2011. This is the team I would go with.

  1. Jaryd Hayne
  2. Brett Morris
  3. Michael Jennings
  4. Beau Scott
  5. Josh Morris
  6. John Sutton
  7. Mitchell Pearce
  8. Michael Weyman
  9. Michael Ennis
  10. Luke Stuart
  11. Anthony Watmough
  12. Nathan Hindmarsh
  13. Greg Bird
  14. Jason King
  15. Kade Snowden
  16. Ben Creagh
  17. Kurt Gidley
The right mix of youth, enthusiasm and culture.

And I would change the coach immediately. Bellamy GONE. I would replace with Brad Fittler. Bellamy's tactics and conduct has been ordinary to say the least. Replace him with someone with passion for the Blue's jersey. Fittler is the best option.

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