Monday, June 21, 2010

The Things I Hate in the Game!!

Sitting here with Curly watching the Knights play the Eels on a rain-soaked night in Newcastle. I really do hate some things in the game today and I need to rant.

  • Hands on the Ball. Once a player being tackled, feels his opponents hand on the ball when getting up to play the ball, can now just let go/drop the ball, knowing he will get the penalty. The onus should be back on the ball carrier to keep control.
  • The Jaryd Hayne slap. This is the one where Hayne goes to first marker and slaps at the arm of the dummy half as he goes to play the ball. Lots of questions for mine, on standing straight at marker, or allowing the ball to clear the ruck. Penalise this ploy out of the game please.
  • High shots. Once a player feels any sort of contact around the head/neck all he has to do is stay down knowing the Video Ref will have a look at it and advise the ref of his findings. Tonight we saw Justin Horo drop the ball cold, and get collected after high after slowing down and falling. Staying down, ensured that Cory Patterson was placed on report for something that he really couldn't stop. That just shits me. Made a miraculous recovery to score late for the Eels.

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