Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tahu Dilemma

The biggest dilemma facing Rugby League was the selection of Timana Tahu for the third State of Origin. But now, thanks to the Timana Brain Explosions from Monday Night Football, it doesn't exist. Slapped with a Grade Three Reckless High shot on Knight James McManus, Tahu faces a minimum of four weeks on the sideline, which rules him out of Origin Three.

Confusingly Tahu, who on his Video Statement claimed he wanted to move on, spoke today for the need for the game to resolve racism for ever. We fully agree and support this stance, and believe the world will be a much better place when this happens. The ignorance of people, unfortunately, is still out there and will take a lot more than a spirited footballer to change the world. Tahu has taken a stance, and good on him. What he now should concentrate on is that he is a role model purely by the football he plays. The "football" he played on Monday does not do him justice, and he will now have a lengthy time on the sidelines to determine exactly what role model he wants to be seen as.

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