Sunday, June 13, 2010

JT out, Cowboys Fire

Here at, we have long held the belief that having one of the best players in the world, Jonathon Thurston, in your side, is probably a thorn in the side and not the rose that others believe. In some ways, this was borne out last night as the Cowboys broke their recent poor performance with a 16-8 win over the Canberra Raiders

JT has long be criticized by us, but doing too much for the Cowboys. Trust and empowerment are not big in the Cowboys team, and JT seems to be the sole instigator for much of their attack. Potentially, the players are also guilty of watching and waiting for JT to spark something. When combines this provides the deplorable results of the Cowboys in recent years.

Last night, we saw Matty Bowen take over the first receiver role and start in the front line in defence, with Shannon Gallant at the back. As a consequence, Bowen talked about the chatter from Michael Morgan, Aaron Payne and others as the Cowboys gelled as a team and played with defensive heart.

Its certainly something to think about from the Cowboys powerbase as they work through how they can be successful for the rest of the year

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