Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Far Ahead is the AFL?????

You really must wonder just how far ahead of the NRL the AFL is at the moment. You can sit back and argue the merits of their business decision to sign two big name NRL players untried in their sport, all you like, but the clear facts are these:

  1. They have signed these big name players on a absolute motza, rumoured to be $6million for four years in Israel Folou's 
  2. It has been made clear that a majority part of the big bucks is from a sales and marketing perspective, and NOT part of the salary cap.
So, the clear difference is this. 

The AFL are aggressively entering new markets and targetting our big names to promote the game and the entry. They have the cash and resources to do this. Then they are also smart enough to give the new teams the ability to sign off on sales and marketing figures for players, that don't breach the salary cap rules. AND everyone in their game seems to support this splitting of the player income.

Just compare that to the recent actions of the NRL in relation to their new entry into Melbourne and then their ridiculous attempt at playing tough guy on their salary cap breaches. These very same players, now termed cheats by much of the NRL fan base, are more prized recruits for the AFL with Greg Inglis especially attractive.

Maybe if the NRL had just a little more foresight, they should have allowed Melbourne to access "marketing" funds to pay these players over and above their cap. A reactive administration continue to creates problems, and now the AFL are getting aggressive, we should be very fearful for the future of our game.

Will our game still be around in 10-15 years time?

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