Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Folou Farce

Big News today is the AFL defection of Israel Folou from the NRL and the Brisbane Broncos. Widely reported as a 6million dollar deal over 4 years, the wisdom of such a move from both parties needs questioning.

From a Folou point of view, the money thrown at him to start a new sport is a no-brainer. The question he has to face is:

  1. How does he bide his time now in NRL, knowing that his every comment will be a free publiciity plug for the AFL?
  2. What does his integrity says, if he isn't successful at the game and ends up being the only Million dollar player in the second tier VFL?
From an AFL perspective, it seems that they didn't learn the lessons of their Rugby Union couterparts who raided the league cupboard. This led to discontent amongst Union ranks and really did the game no favours at all. For AFL, their heartland and strike power is in the ranks of their stars, not in any Johny Come Lately.

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