Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Different Approaches.

We have certainly seen two vastly different approaches in the wake of the comments from Andrew Johns and the Timana Tahu scandal. We have seen that goose, Anthony Mundine open his mouth and call for an indigenous boycott of Origin. Then we see the conciliatory tones from none other than Phil Gould. What Johns said is indefensible, and possibly just for the second word. Anyone called that combined with an adjective describing the person has a right to take offense. Just ask anyone, called a Fat #@#^, or an Ugly ^%$#, or tall $#@^, or even White $@#%@.  The contradictory approaches can be read here. Phil Gould  Anthony Mundine


Anonymous said...

"Druggie" Johns,it's good to see NSWRL & NRL And Channel 9 with egg on their faces for supporting this poor role model, but after letting Jarrod Hayne off the other night just to try to win a origin match,they still can't see that they are the ones ruining the game that we love. They are the reason that parents won't let their kids play Rugby League and without the next generation the game will die out.

Tony Curl said...

The sentiment against Andrew Johns is overwhelming and one that the NRL and Channel 9 will do best to take some action on. It is obvious that the so called legend of the game is a complete waste off the field. No action on his confession of drug use and now thees totally inappropriate comments that hint of some deap seated disrespect. The NRL would be very wise to disassociate themselves from Johns as soon as possible.

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