Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blues Culture?

Much has been said about returning Phil Gould to Origin. Much has been said about doing a clean-out and review of the NSW Origin System. They did that last year and all we have seen is the same old same old. has been critical of Origin for NSW for some time now. The population have a real apathy to Origin. In QLD, Origin is one of those times of year, that everyone looks forward to. The QLD culture is built on youngsters watching Origin with family and friends and having that passion driven into them from a young age. NSW just seem to have an apathy about them, with little passion and culture driven. The culture changes with the coaches, while QLD seem to have a longer standard process.

The Blues culture has been best captured by Phil Gould, but it start and finish with him. They need a culture that is real, and can be passed down. My suggestion is for Brad Fittler, to take the reins. He can bring the Phil Gould culture and stories to life, is devoid of club commitments and can take the role full-time. Once established, Fittler then can go into an over-seeing role to ensuring the Blues culture is maintained.

Gould is in a no-lose situation. He can sit back and claim anything he wants, but at the end of the day, why would he have his marvelous record tested against this incredible QLD team. He can sit there and agitate for change, and if that includes Freddy as coach, then at least I will be happy.

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